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for global financial
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We create innovative technological solutions for the current and future global financial markets.

WE BUILD technology to help institutional clients manage and trade digital assets.

WE BRIDGE the old and new worlds of finance by providing integration solutions.

WE ACT as a technological liquidity provider and arbitrageur.

WE DISCOVER new opportunities within and beyond finance through cutting-edge research.

Our technological focus areas

Prime Brokerage

We are building the best fully regulated inter-dealer broker of digital assets for institutional investors. Our high-throughput and latency optimized trading platform is designed to meet the needs of our institutional clients, including traditional banks, asset managers, and hedge funds.

Market Making & Arbitrage

Our cutting-edge research, technology, and data handling means we are continuously adding to our market making and arbitrage offering based on the latest advances in our risk models. We act as the technological liquidity provider for big and small exchanges.

Proprietary Trading

Through our research into the opportunities of a future digital financial world, we continue to discover creative new strategies to profit from inefficiency and increase market efficiency.

Integration to Institutional Investors

Our robust gateway infrastructure for digital assets meets the needs of banking, legal, accounting, and exchanges. Our technology fulfils the highest regulatory, legal and security standards. It builds a bridge between old and new finance, integrating into traditional core banking systems, trading terminals, and data streams.

Beyond Finance

We discover new business opportunities reaching far beyond finance. We turn opportunity into success using our strong data-management and machine-learning skills, as well as our throughput and latency optimizing experience.

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Our Mission

In the last decade, traditional industries - including the financial sector - have undergone huge changes through digitalisation. We believe this is just the beginning.

We are seeing the continued use of outdated technologies and products, and the failure to fully revolutionise working processes. At the same time, new waves of industrial science, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are transforming the landscape.

We can therefore expect major upheaval in the financial industry, with wide reaching implications for the economy, industry, and society.

The field is wide open to shape tomorrow's technology. At MAREM RESEARCH, it is our passion and mission to contribute to this exciting new world of finance.


We are a fast-growing team of 16 technology and innovation specialists. We have diverse backgrounds, including software engineering, data science, and data and security engineering.

Our team is highly skilled and multinational. We encourage everyone to think creatively, challenge the status quo, and foster innovation.

Join us, and tackle the next frontier of financial technology and the future of global financial markets.

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